Video Manager

The webChannel is a comprehensive video platform. It handles all video processing, organization and management.

Simple Navigation

With your webChannel, your users will not get lost searching for content. We developed the webChannel Number Technology (CNT) to fix navigation issues online.

Video Remote

Shorten the time it takes to find anything online by using the webChannel remote to direct users faster than they can time a URL.


Collect User Feedback

The AskUs feature allows users on your webChannel to send you questions or other inquiries right on your webChannel. When they do, we attach video information as well.

Video Directory

Bundle related videos using the video directory feature, and by doing so, navigate users in a way you want them to go.

Add Your Website

If you have an existing website, you can attach it to the webChannel page (appears at the bottom of the page) and allow users to learn more about your products and services.