What are Networks?

webChannel® networks are powerful hubs of video content centered around a given company/industry. A given network will feature videos from member webChannels and facilitate communication back and forth. Just as traditional TV networks promote the content of individual shows, webChannel® networks promote content from individual webChannels giving them exposure that they'd have otherwise not had.


Network Remote

Network remote is a powerful navigation tool. Using the network remote a user can access all member webChannels and their videos directly. For example, to visit a member webChannel #10 and watch video #101, all I'd need to enter on the remote is 10/101. It's that simple. The power of numbers used as unique identifiers allows anyone to access media content a magnitude faster than using traditional means.


Network Categories

Network categories are a powerful feature in webChannel® networks. Each network can create any number of categories that are required to organize video content. Once created, these categories are assigned to member webChannels so that member webChannels can organize their videos into these categories. Video content from members that is organized into Network categories will be displayed to visitors on the network page.

Network categories simply the process of browsing video content for visitors coming to the network page and allow member webChannels equal opportunity to reach their audience.


Network Live Stream Events

webChannel® Networks have access to live stream capabilities. Within minutes, a network owner can set up a live stream event and have it display at both the network page and all member webChannels. During a live stream event, viewers can send a messages to network owner via the Ask Us feedback system.


Examples of webChannel® Networks

OnNowTV Network

This is our original network aimed at small businesses. Helps promote and integrate marketing campaign so they can tell their stories better.

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Healthy Home TV Network

This network promotes healthy environments in and around the home. As a network, Healthy Home TV brings together companies and businesses that promote healthy home ideas.

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