A webChannel is a video powered web page that uses numbers for navigation and access of content. Each webChannel has a unique number, similar to channels on TV. To access a webChannel, one would have to know the corresponding webChannel number of that webChannel.

Video content in a webChannel are also assigned a unique number. This number associated with a video is used to access the video in question.

While YouTube is a big bowl of all kinds of video, OnNowTV webChannel is an organized video page that displays only your content. That means that it's much easier for your audience to find and learn more about your organization on OnNowTV than for the same group to find you on YouTube.

OnNowTV webChannel makes accessing videos much easier and exclusive and helps you communicate your message effectively.

You can add videos through your secure Control Panel. When you signup for a webChannel you'll get a Control Panel where you can manage your webChannel.

You have 3 options when it comes to adding videos:

  1. upload videos from your computer,
  2. add a YouTube video by just entering the URL of the video,
  3. add a video from another webChannel (you may need to get permission)

We have a number of pricing packages, starting with a free account for a limited time. Click here to go to the pricing page. Our packages have been especially tailored to fit a majority of businesses or organizations. Once you select the package that suits you, you'll be directed to the signup page where you'll enter your contact and business details.

Absolutely! We have designed the webChannel so that you can add your website at the bottom. Instead of just a link, your visitors will see your full website. On average, webChannels that add their websites increase traffic back to their websites.