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Assessing Indoor Environmental Health Hazards

Assessing Indoor Environmental Health Hazards

About Us

IBE is committed to teaching you how to have both healthy (occupant-friendly) and green (earth-friendly) homes, offices, and schools. IBE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education.

IBE brings together the technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to guide both the environmentally concerned public and working professionals in creating healthier homes and workplaces.


The International Institute for Bau-biologie® and Ecology, Inc. (IBE), established in Clearwater, Florida in 1987, is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to bringing together the technical expertise, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to create healthy homes and workplaces. 

Mission Statement:
IBE's Mission is to educate - specifically, to help people realize that homes and workplaces can be created to bring the benefits of both health and aesthetics into their living environments. Bringing awareness to the health hazards that may exist in our living spaces not only improves health and provides a sense of well being, it also has an impact on the survival of this planet. 

IBE offers home study (correspondence) courses, Online Study, and Seminars to both professionals and lay people. The education program incorporates practical application of the building biology principles as an integral part of its activities. To address the needs of those wanting to evaluate homes and offices for levels of electromagnetic radiation, indoor air quality, etc. IBE has a program of courses and seminars to train Environmental Assessors and Consultants. Over 100 graduates in North America, Canada and Australia include architects, electricians, builders, medical practitioners, home inspectors, engineers and many other environmentally concerned people. 

Objectives of the IBE: 

  • To endorse or teach courses, workshops and seminars covering the field of healthier and more natural building and lifestyle.
  • To advise and provide support and networking for those who are commited to a healthier and more natural building industry in the products and services that they provide.
  • To make information on healthier and more natural building, materials and services available to the public and to the building industry.
  • To advise and co-operate with other relevant people, including environmental, research, health, community, local and central government organizations to encourage a healthier and more natural built environments and lifestyles.



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