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Makes hydrogen powered fuel cells with virtually no emissions.

UTC Power, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), based in South Windsor, Conn., is a world leader in developing and producing fuel cells that generate energy for buildings and for transportation, space and defense applications.

United Technologies Corp., based in Hartford, Conn., provides high-technology products and services to the building and aerospace industries.

As a part of the $58.7 billion United Technologies Corp., we have the resources, stability and commitment to help redefine the energy practices and expectations of a generation.

From combustion-free buses to environmentally sound buildings to supporting U.S. manned space flight since 1966, we have pioneered innovations that have made a positive difference on earth and beyond. Automobiles, buses and utility companies emit billions of tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, into the air each year.

Fuel cells emit 60 percent less carbon dioxide than combustion engines. Clean energy Fuel cells are virtually pollution-free. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) are pollutants that produce smog, and sulfur dioxide (SO2) is responsible for acid rain. Compared with traditional combustion powerplants, a single PureCell Model 400 fuel cell system: Emits 34,000 pounds less acid rain and smog-causing pollutants into the environment every year. Reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 3 million pounds per year. Because of its superior environmental performance, fuel cell power exceeds air emission standards in many U.S. states.

Energy reinvented. Harvest the productivity. Experience the security. Preserve the planet. The dedicated people and leading technologies of UTC Power have tapped into the dreams of business people, engineers and environmentalists. Three different groups with seemingly incompatible sets of goals. All wanting something better. The results are new ways to re-energize our planet, and re-vitalize the organizations that choose to act. Energy Productivity, Energy Security and Energy Responsibility are what it will take to power the 21st century. Energy that works the way you and your organization work focused on the bottom line with a keen understanding of the importance of a healthy and vibrant planet and marketplace.


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